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NT Systems is an advanced next generation integrated electric propulsion system for emission-free commercial and leisure boating.

Unique in being modularly built, designed to be just plugged-in without long installation, customizable in engine power and battery capacity, and equipped with smart software that automatically manages consumption levels, suggest travel modes, and much more.

Each component of the system (electric engine, battery bank, etc) is fully modular and ready to plug&play. The end user is able to choose the optimal solution (propulsion power, battery capacity, charging time, ...) for his own needs and each deployment is capable of being customized. Future scaling is also possible and very simple. Same as new installation, scaling is also plug&play. This makes the retrofit very effective and reasonable.

NT Systems can be used in various applications where there is a need of reducing the pollution or the operating or manufacturing costs. Recreational and transfer boating is its initial roll-out market, including tourist or cargo transportation for river or channel crossing, small ferry, taxi boats, harbour applications, work platform/barges, service crew, marina crew, rescue crew, coastal diving centres, coastal security and police boats, smaller towing applications, by-boats for ocean cruisers or personal use, island cruising, fishing boats, leisure personal boats and yachts, sailboats and much more. It is also very convenient for eco-sensitive environments such as lakes, rivers, national parks, etc.


Easy installation. Easy configuration.


Custom made configuration for individual user, depending on customers needs

Easy upgrading

Just istall new component and the system will automatically recognise it

LTO lithium technology

Safe stable battery, greater battery cycle life: 25000+, higher power output

Quick charge

Battery can be charged in just 10 minutes

Range extender

Plug&play range extender can be installed to extend the range of the battery

Power range

Wide power range is suitable for lots of applicaitons. Motors available from 27 kW to 350 kW and much more when installing twin, triple, quadriple,...

Consumption optimization

If neccessary, the system can automatically optimize consumption regarding battery SOC, GPS log data, selected user mode
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Electric motor

We are using the permanent magnet synchronous motor with best in class power density which is up to 10 kW/kg peak power. This performance is by itself within the state-of-the-art range, but the engine has reduced weight and is plug&play ready: you only mount the motor into the boat, connect the power supply, the communication cables and the sea water for cooling and the motor is ready.

Plug & play design includes (prewired and premounted): gearbox, thrust bearing, motor controler, cooling pump for inner circle (glycol), cooling pump for outer circle (seawater), heat radiator/exchanger between inner and outer circle, filter for seawater, expansion tank for innercircle, electronics with CANbus communications - connection box , 12V battery, all the water plugs, all the electrical plugs, motor mounts.

The design of the engine allows stacking up engines and thus increasing the propulsion power, which also increases modes of applications and usefulness. The power options of individual electric motor are 27-350 kW of continuous power which brings the universality to the system. Stacking the motor to quadriple set can easily give you 1400 kW (1880 HP) or more if it is necessary.

S seriesNTS-34NTS-43NTS-67NTS-134NTS-235
Output power - hp344367134235
Output power - kW253250100175
Engine speed - rpm50004600420045003700

D seriesNTD-68NTD-86NTD-134NTD-268NTD-470
Output power - hp6886134268470
Output power - kW5064100200350
Engine speed - rpm50004600420045003700

NTS-67 power curve

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NTS-67 torque curve

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Battery bank

We made huge step forward in battery development. We are using innovative Lithium Titanate (LTO) cells and build in-house LTO-based batteries. They are the safest, can operate in the wide temperature range from -40°C to + 65°C and are very stable without thermal runaway effect. They have the 10x greater life cycle and cheaper price per life-cycle, comparing to other lithium chemistries. They can also be charged or discharged in 10 minutes, which is better than the state-of-the-art. LTO batteries are friendlier to the environment since the anode does not contain any carbon and there is also less overall waste.

The basic unit of battery pack has 40Ah capacity at 331 Vdc, resulting in 13.2 kWh of energy. If you need higher power output or longer range, you can simply add additional battery, thus increasing energy capacity and maximum power output. You can build custom-made battery which best serves your needs.

For Basic or Power installations there are also LYP and LiPo battery packs available which have unique qualities. Battery bank includes optional range extender, an internal diesel combustion engine as generator, allowing to extend the range of propulsion system, or combined electric-diesel use.

Energy capacity – kWh13.4413.3213.25
Capacity – Ah404040
Power output – kW40,3106,579,5
Peak power – kW134,4200132,5
Nominal voltage – Vdc336333331
Architecture105S 1P90S 1P144S 1P
Cycle life5000500025000
Weight – kg18399194
Cell manufacturerWinstonKokamYinlong

Discharge characteristics (ambient temp: 25°C)

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Black box

The black-box is the brain of the system, with unique smart software background providing smart functions. All components communicate to each other by CAN bus and black box has an overview of their status. Thus it is able to optimise the numerous parameters, make predictions on energy and power needs, optimise energy and fuel consumption, select smart mode (when to start range extender regarding prediction, SOC of battery, environment factors such as temperature, noise level, etc.), customisation, different pre-sets for different users and other more basic tasks. The optimization of best case scenario will not be based only on current driving parameters, but also on data of previous trips.

The system is designed to function also without black box, and with redundancies in mind.

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User control

User control includes throttle lever and LCD touch screen. Throttle lever is simple and ergonomic, with all marine functions. It’s modularly built, supporting control over multiple motorizations and multiple stations. Touch screen is easy to use. It typically shows all important data on first page, and details on additional submenus. It shows all data from components connected through CAN bus, resulting in being used as handy tool for any service without major intervention.

The system features also remote access, with additional hotspot or ethernet connection, which will allow a unique customer experience, remote system updates, customisations and customer service.

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Future development

Our development team is allready working on intelligent applications such as dock parking automation and sky-anchor, position maintenance via GPS without anchoring and other intelligent applications. The software itself is modular, so future developments and features will be easy to implement with simple update.

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